Sidney Crosby DOES NOT Have A Dark Side…And He Doesn’t Kick Puppies

Caught this during one of the intermissions of yesterday’s Wings/Blackhawks game. Sidney Crosby was interviewed while preparing for the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Mike Milbury went off the cuff and decided to ask Sid something that he’s never been asked in the countless number of even-keel interviews that Crosby has done. So he asked if Sid has a dark side, you know, if he’s ever put a tack on a teacher’s seat, had to stay after school…OR IF HE EVER BEAT HIS DOG!

It was nice to see a relaxed Sid caught in a moment a pure surprise. I mean, the guy never laughs like that on camera. So maybe this interview will set the precedent for the future…just pull questions outta left field in order to get Sid to give an uncanned answer.

“Sid, have you ever went Aces over Kings on the river of a hold ’em game?”

“Sid, do you think Letang is a handsome young chap?”

“Sid, do I have something on my face?”

“Sid, I’m deciding between Coco Puffs and Cocoa Pebbles…which one should I get?”

Big ups to the fantastic Wrap Around Curl for the vid.

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