Sidney Crosby Just Got His “Order of Nova Scotia” Medallion


Sid was back home in Nova Scotia yesterday, finally accepting the esteemed Order of Nova Scotia. He was named as a recipient back in September, but the October ceremony conflicted with the start of the NHL season.

“It’s special,” he said after the private ceremony. “Hockey has taken me elsewhere outside the province, but I have family and friends back here and every time I get the opportunity, I’m proud to say I’m from here and Cole Harbour, so it means a lot to be recognized like this.”

Premier Darrell Dexter said the Order of Nova Scotia recognizes people who have contributed to the province in an extraordinary way in their chosen discipline.

So not only is Sid dominating in the NHL, but he’s also dominating an entire Canadian province. And why is it just known as the Order of Nova Scotia? It seems like there should be a “– Cup” or “– Trophy” or “– Medal” at the end of the award name. And speaking of which, when do I get my Order of Pittsburgh? That’s gotta be the least this city can do for someone who has run the most epic local sports blog for 2 and a half years.

One more pic of Sid is below, just because it’s entirely badass.

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