Snoop Explains Himself

The age-old question of “What the hell is Snoop thinking? He must be stoned” is finally answered. At his recent show at Krobar, the supposed Steelers turncoat had a message for the fans:

“Lemme let you know one thing. Any time you see me wearing somebody else’s uniform, or somebody else’s jersey, that shit for fake. Anytime you see me wearing some m***erf***in’ Steelers shit, that’s for m***erf***in’ real. Yeah.”

So there you have it. Snoop just rocks random team apparel to get in good with those teams/players, but his true team is, in fact, the Steelers. The video is mildly NSFW, as Snoop has a thing for naughty words.

The badass picture above comes from this video, where Coach Tomlin has some words for Snoop.

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