Some Penguins Stuff UPDATED

Since we’re getting ready for Game 2, here’s a collection of Penguins stuff for your eyes and ears.

First off, Jim’s trying to do a Yinz Luv Da Guins episode after each game. I applaud his efforts, and have posted the Game 1 recap here:


Next, how cute are Geno’s parents? At least that’s what this video says, and I’d have to agree.

Finally, Pensburgh via Deadspin lets us know that some Pens fan wants a date for Game 2 with a hot chick Pens fan. For $1. On Cragslist.There’s still some time left before the puck drops, ladies…

Go Pens!

UPDATE** NBC is shutting down the outside screen for Game 3, since they’re broadcasting it nationally. What a joke of a move. Pensblog has email addys for some NBC bigwigs so you can let them know how you feel about that decision.

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