Steelers Fan Gynecologists Are Funny, 15 Years Old

Recently, a Pittsburgh-area gynecologist named Michael Bummer made it onto The Price Is Right. Bummer, a Steelers fan wearing a Keisel jersey with a homemade DR. BUMMER nameplate, got “called down” to participate in some TPIR fun. When every other contestant bid outrageously high numbers for a necklace, Bummer decided to go the “One Dollar” route…but without the $1.

He went with $69. 15-year-old me is cracking up so hard right now. And it worked, as Bummer’s 69 (never thought I’d type that) was the winning bid.

I applaud Bummer’s creativity. I also applaud him for using the time-tested 69 joke. It sorta went outta fashion years ago since it became a cliche number to get a cheap laugh, but Bummer perseveres. Kinda like how I’ll still watch Beavis and Butthead to this day and laugh harder than I will at any show currently on tv.

Video is below.

PS – Is that black dude in the audience behind Bummer wearing a Batman shirt? That would be sweet.

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