Steelers Fans In Florida Are Hardcore

Something something something there’s a tropical storm in Florida. Big deal. And the news agencies in the state are acting like a little rain and wind is something that’s going to deter Steelers fans from going to a bar and watching football.

Bahama Bob’s is a Steelers bar in Panama City Beach, FL, and that area is in the process of getting hit by a tropical storm. C’mon, it’s not even a hurricane…it’s news in Florida if Steelers fans are watching MNF and it’s raining outside? And the storm’s name is Ida. If it was Hurricane Hellboy or something, then maybe it’d be newsworthy.

Kudos to the Steelers fans in the video looking at the reporter like she’s a crazy woman. It’s Steelers football…it’s gonna take more than a blowing wind and a little water to keep the fans away.

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