Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

What’s there to say when the team craps out at the end again? I mostly blame Bruce Arians. This is the NFL…despite the lack of longtime NFL experience for Dennis Dixon, this was not a learning game. This was a “hit the ground running” game, yet Arians wanted no part of it. The over-reliance on the run doomed the young QB when he would hit his stride at certain points and his coordinator would hand off 6 times in a row. How are you supposed to build on the right decisions when you don’t have a chance to even make one for the next drive and a half?

27-17 Ravens.

0 of 5 motorcycle helmets, Arians. Ben had enough confidence in his backup to sit out the game when he deemed his post-concussion condition too overwhelming…why couldn’t Bruce? An I’m docking Tomlin a point here or there for letting this nonsense persist.

So you’re kidding yourself if you’re expecting me to go into greater detail. Dixon played well, but made the misteake. Live and learn…I still have high hopes for the kid. In lieu of a recap full of my shouting and swearing, here’s a clip from Frisky Dingo. I’m all about Dog Party, now. Snip snap.

Raiders next week. Remember when they beat the Bengals last week? No time to overlook them.

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