Steelers Rubik’s Cubes Rule

Big Ben is so unstoppable that he would’ve had this thing solved in like a minute. That is, unless the concussion symptoms showed up right before he made his attempt.

There’s really not much I can add to a video of a guy solving a Rubik’s Cube. I mean…I could give tips on some sick song this guy could’ve put in the background, but that’s another story. So instead, I’m going to point out a seemingly insignificant part of this vid that really made me smile.

Right in the credits, the Cube-solver gives thanks to anyone who watches his feat. Immediately after the thank yous are given, he appropriately throws out a GO PENS! remark. And this is the stuff I live for.

At our Penguins bar in Manhattan, we recently had a wee bit of trouble with a belligerent Pittsburgh fan. Nothing major…just not the stuff you’re used to expecting from someone rooting for the same teams as you. This dude came to his first game with us late in the Washington series…as we’ve been getting greater numbers of “new” fans showing up as we advance deeper into the playoffs.

Dude was wearing a Steelers hat, and stuck around after the game to hang with some of the “regulars”…those of us that have been watching Pens games together since last season. He made a remark to my friend Heather that he wouldn’t mind if the Pens went 0-82 as long as the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Then he facewashed Heather.

He’s not allowed back.

This video shows how Pittsburgh fans are SUPPOSED to react to the local teams. Here we have a guy making a video with the Steelers as the main subject. However, he realizes that we’re way into Penguins season, so a shoutout to continued success in the current Stanley Cup run for the Pens is the classy way to go.

The Steelers are great and all, but if you’re a Pittsburgher, and your mind isn’t primarily on the Pens right now, then I think you need to get yourself checked out. Or at least don’t make snide-ass comments about the Pens when you’re in a Penguins bar after a Penguins playoff game amidst plenty of Penguins fans.

Whatever…just wanted to point out how sick this Cube-solver is for giving love to the Pens. And to ridicule the ignorant “Penguins fan” that rudely entered our bar and acted like he owned the place.

The video is below. I’ll shut up now.

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