Steelers Styro-Kite Is…Awesome?


Ed McWhirter has apparently been making these things since the mid-90s or so, but I guess this is better late than never.

Honestly, I had no idea what this thing was going to be when I first played the video. It’s a kite-like apparatus that is made from styrofoam, and the ease at which it takes to the sky is awesome. I was never big into kites or anything as a kid, but the few times I remember hitting up a park or huge grassy area with like a Garfield kite or whatever, the thing that stuck out was the difficulty of getting that thing in the air. You’d have to wait for an appropriate wind, and then run your ass off in the hopes that the toy would catch a gust.

This thing, called the StyroHawk, or StyroWing, took off like a rocket. Sure, it’s only tentatively related to Pittsburgh sports because McWhirter has STEELERS painted on his flying contraption, but fringe relations to this blog’s subject matter hasn’t stopped me from posting cool stuff before.

Oh, and you can buy one on eBay, so get to stepping. Video of it in action is below.

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