Steelers Visit White House, Give Hands-On Help To The Troops

You know, too much has been made of the James Harrison, will-he-or-won’t-he-attend saga. And you know what, there’s bigger issues in our world today.

Like tons of young people dying for our country overseas. So when the Steelers made their trip to the White House today as the Super Bowl-winning guest of President Obama, you know a classy organization like ours wouldn’t just be there for a photo-op.

Obama had the Steelers actively pitch in to package supplies for the USO that will be handed out to the US troops overseas. You may hate on the Steelers for their continued success, or because you’re a fan of a rival team, but the organization continually does the right thing. Noone cares about your own opinion of the war, but I think we can all agree that sending any support and love to the troops is always a good idea.

Congrats to the Steelers for winning the Super Bowl and getting their moment in DC with the prez, but major props for using that platform to throw assitance to a worthy cause.

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