Talbot Spits Some Truth On Fleury And Gonchar

PSAMT? Seems like it lately.

Whatever. I’m a big fan of his blog, and he talked candidly about the strong play of his goaltender and the loss of Sergei Gonchar. Stuff is below:


[If] you cast a glance at the statistics, you’ve noticed that our goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury excels in front of his net and his confidence level is very high which helps a lot.

Obviously, Marc-Andre was invited to the evaluation camp for the Olympic Games in Vancouver and I think this opportunity is his goal. By cons, Marc-Andre is still a simple guy and he plays above all so that each party should be fun. I do not think it necessary pressure for that. It is certain that in his mind he wants to be in the Olympics and he notably won his duel against Cam Ward last week.

The results of our team remain his priority and if that enables it to reach the Olympics, so much the better. Certainly, it definitely live up to the Olympics the way he plays now.

On losing Sarge:

Last year, we experienced a situation…losing the services of Sergei Gonchar for a long period. Of course, it’s always difficult to lose your leader and quarterback, but we were fortunate to have some players who have raised their game a notch to replace Gonchar various ways.

Gonchar…and defenders of high level players are virtually impossible to replace. By cons, we received a big boost for the second half of the season when our quarterback returned to the game.

On returning to practice:

It is with great pleasure that I started to skate with teammates on Monday morning and it went very well as I was back to training the team on Tuesday.

There is no doubt that it’s good mentally to be back in the locker room with my teammates because that is the thing you miss most when you are hurt when you feel a little put aside. In such a situation, you’re bored of being in the room, laughing with the guys taking shots at the guards and make you laugh when you miss a throw …

Can’t wait til this Pens team gets Max back. Pretty scary that the hottest team in the league has been playing without the SCF Game 7 hero.

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