Tapout Shirts Suck, LaMarr Woodley

Y’all know that I’m not one to keep quiet if athletes on my teams act up. Despite being a massive homer, I’m not going to make excuses for these guys.

I love James Harrison, but I skewered him as soon as word came out about his Baptismal abuse story. And LaMarr Woodley…you may (or may not) be Essence Magazine’s single man of the month, but your Tapout shirts make you look like a douchebag.

So it is with great remorse that I must still refer to LaMarr as a Tapout-wearing douche. UFC 100 happened over the weekend, and some things called a Punkass and a Skyscrape were there doing stuff. Punkass and Skyscrape are the founders of the Tapout shirts that LaMarr seems to love so much. Then, all of a sudden, they bring LaMarr out for an impromptu interview.

I mean seriously, just look how exxxxxtreme that picture is. There’s so much stuff going on that I almost had no place to throw a PSAMP watermark. I believe that’s Punkass on the right and Skyscrape with the Sideshow Bob haircut.

When I first saw LaMarr in a Tapout shirt (at that douchebag link above), I held out hope that he just happened to be wearing a random shirt on television. Then, he was wearing one when the Steelers flew back to Pittsburgh with the Lombardi trophy in February. I think he might’ve had one on for the parade as well.

So it looks like LaMarr has some sort of clothing deal with Tapout. And a little part of me just died, knowing that someone from the blue-collar Steelers endorses loud shirts that you’re more likely to find on some Long Island idiot than an actual football fan. Hell, even Rashard Mendenhall chose to endorse little-guy Champion. And those might be the simplest clothes of all time.

So get your money, I guess, LaMarr. But don’t expect Steelers Nation to follow your lead.

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