That Explains Why The Steelers Lost To The Bengals

Steelers fans were collectively scratching their heads following the crushing loss to the Bengals on Sunday. Pittsburgh hadn’t lost in Cincy since 2001, and the feeling of losing to a usually-inferior foe took a toll on everyone. We tried to lay blame…Limas Sweed, the absence of Rashard Mendenhall, a defense that couldn’t step up when needed, Ben’s pick-6. Maybe all of these weren’t the determining factors.

Perhaps the Bengals won because they had the Miller High Life guy rooting them on. Hey man, that beer was created 30 years before the Steelers. And it’s called “The Champagne of Beers,” champagne itself being used by athletes to signify big wins in any sport. It looks like the forces of nature held this win out of the Steelers’ hands, and the team really had no chance to change their fate.

I guess Steelers fans will have to get a Rolling Rock horse or an Iron City something-or-other at the game this Sunday to have any chance against the Chargers.

Video of the High Life guy celebrating with Bengals fans below.