The Browns Suck And Are Bad At Drafting

Yeah, the draft is already old news in Internet time, but you gotta take what you can get with my memory. I meant to get this up earlier in the week, but I forget stuff like it’s my job.

Prior to the draft, the Browns tried to incinerate their core, first getting rid of TE Kellen Winslow and then entertaining trade inquiries about WR Braylon Edwards and QBs Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. The last three never went anywhere beyond rumors and talks, but that’s sure to make for some grumpy characters. And I’d be grumpy already just by being in Cleveland in the first place.

While the Steelers built the core of a multi-championship team via the draft (a number of starters are first and early round draft picks), the Browns haven’t shed the air of ineptitude that has followed the organization around for some time.

So I got to thinking about my early foray into blogging. The original PSAMP was great, and served it’s purpose for the time being. But shortly after starting that, I founded another sports blog that to this day, still only has one post. And it’s a Browns-basher, of course. The name was That Was Surprising, named for the pompous Brady Quinn remark after he was passed over in the draft by the Dolphins. And if you read that one post, you’ll understand how ridiculous the Browns are and how awesome I am. Check it out:

“After Miami passed on Quinn for Tedd Ginn Jr. at number 9, Quinn could be seen mouthing the now-famous phrase, “That was surprising.” I guess Cleveland felt bad for not taking the kid at number 3, instead opting for Joe Thomas. They traded up and took Quinn at an Aaron Rodgers-like 22. As a Pittsburgh sports fan, watching rivals make huge mistakes always pleases me. Some Cleveland Browns’ brass said:

that if the Browns are truly going to turn everything around, April 28, 2007 will be a day that’s forever highlighted in Browns history.

Wow. Highlight the word “if.” Let’s look at the Brown’s recent 1st round draft history:

2004: Kellen Winslow, TE from Miami – Whiny bitch.
2005: Braylon Edwards, WR from Michigan – Any team’s 2nd best wide receiver.
2006: Kamerion Wimbley, DE from Florida StateCould be nasty.
2007: Joe Thomas, OT from Wisconsin – Actually a good pick.
2007: Brady Quinn, QB from Notre Dame – Some competition for Charlie Frye in the “Mediocre QB Department.”

Great way to “turn around” the franchise. The last QB Cleveland took in the first round was Tim Couch. He’s no longer in football.”

Dude, I totally called it just over 2 years ago. Not only have they been humiliated by the continued success of the “rival” Steelers, but some lowlife blogger who knew nothing about the online-writing game totally called them out.

I rule. And that’s more than the Browns can say.


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