The Mets Don’t Like Furries

The Mets were in town last night for a makeup game with the Buccos. Also in town, and at the same hotel, were Furries. Anthrocon 2009 made it to Pittsburgh, as it usually does, and the incredibly weird Furries annoyed the crap out of the Mets.

This is making the news nowadays? Can’t I find some Michael Jackson updates or something?

All the Mets had to do was ask. I know like 4 other hotels that they could’ve stayed at. Hell, I used to work at a hotel closer to Steelers training camp in Latrobe. Sure, it isn’t right in the city and requires about a 45 minute trip on the turnpike and Parkway, but I never encountered any Furries there. I did encounter an ancient woman who called me quite a few derogatory names for a black person, but no creepy Furries. So there’s that.

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