The Pens Will Win The Cup Because Iron City Beer Has “Burghability”

I’m gonna put it out there…I’m not a fan of those stupid “Drinkability” commercials from Bud Lite or whatever. Look, it’s a liquid, so you can drink it. Kool-Aid has drinkability. Urine has drinkability. All those weird fluids under the sink have drinkability…and you should definitely try those ones sometime if you believe that Bud Lite is the only drinkable liquid in the world.

However, this Drinkability parody (Drinkabil-ody?) is pretty damn awesome, if only for the excessive Penguins and Iron City Beer references. IC apparently has “Burghability,” and the power of 3’s between the beer and the Pens somehow ends with the Pens winning their 3rd Cup this year. I’m confused, but highly intrigued by the math, and would like to subscribe to their quarterly newsletter as soon as possible.

Now, if only we could tie IC and the Pens into or Iron City Soooul, then the Cup would be much more imminent.

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