The Thirstbuster is Money

I know Tampa isn’t really cold, but if this dude can somehow tweak his invention to serve beer, he’d be the hit of any Super Bowl XLIII tailgate.

Some inventions are downright crazy. Octa-bongs, motorized beer coolers, wiffle bats as beer cups…they do little more than blow your mind. This guy had some damn initiative, using 4 1/2 hours to make something to keep him and his friends warm during cold Steelers pre-games.

I don’t know if I’d go with the name Thirstbuster, though. I usually only drink hot chocolate to warm myself up, not to quench my thirst. Now, if he can rig up a liquor or beer tap (maybe even some Kool-Aid or something else, too), then that beast is a definite Thirstbuster. For now, I’d stick with HotLiquidGunPack or something.

And that’s why I’m not an inventor/namer.

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