This Dude Gets It

A lot of people don’t understand Steelers fans. They’re not sure why the city is so invested in its sports teams, as the locals’ love of the Steelers is legendary. If you’re born a Steelers fan, there’s nothing you can really do about it. It’s just another facet of life in the ‘Burgh.

The guy is this video totally gets it. He could be in Atlanta or Anchorage for all I know, maybe not Allegheny County. But as a Steelers fan, there’s just something that drives you to let everyone know you root for the best team. We as Steelers fans will do anything to separate ourselves from the dweeby fans of other teams.

So he built a totally kickass sign, and I mean just look at that guy’s smile. He knows it was so worth it. That land right there is the heart of Steelers Country.

Awesome video below.

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