This Guy Went To Heinz Field And Almost Every Other NFL Stadium

This is Hans. Hans hit me up many many months ago to let me know about his travels to every NFL stadium. It’s his Quest for 31. His words:

Now entering its fourth year, the Quest for 31, will come to a close with a New Orleans Saints game at the Louisiana Superdome on December 27, 2009.  I’ve spent the last three years tailgating with local fans, sampling local food, and striving to experience each NFL city from the home team perspective.

Hans made it to Heinz Field a few seasons ago, where he saw the Steelers kill the Browns (of course) on a Thursday night. You should check out his review of the stadium, fans and food. As Steelers fans, you all know about the Steelers experience, but it’s unique to see it from a stranger’s eyes.

He’s originally from Buffalo, so I’ll stay away from making fun of the Bills’ pitiful zero-point effort against the Steelers this past weekend. If you ever wanna forget where you’re from and join another fanbase, Hans, you already have experience with Pittsburgh!

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