This Kid Sucks As Much As The Bengals

With my birthday rolling through yesterday, I’m now feeling like an old fogey. So indulge me as I tear apart this kid, FJM-style.

I’m tired of NFL and and all those other websites saying stuff about the Steelers and how good they are and all that stuff. I’m tired of it, because, “They have the greatest team in NFL history and their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is the best quarterback in the NFL right now and he’ll have as much Super Bowl rings as Tom Brady.”

Um…where is that said? Because from my vantage point, the only things the Steelers or Ben get is disrespect. Right now on, Brady’s first on-field action since his knee injury is bigger story than the defending champs winning a SB rematch. And Ben is always hated on when anyone considers “elite QBs” in the league. I’ve never heard one person say that Ben is the best QB in the NFL. Maybe some obnoxious Steelers fans, but never in any credible sources. Please…provide links for me, son.

I’m a Bengals fan…

Now we’re getting somewhere.

…and it’s tough being a Bengals fan and I’ve stayed with the Bengals, stuck with the Bengals.

Yes…keep supporting a team that refuses to hire an actual GM. Plus, you’re like 4 years old. You weren’t even alive for the Carl Pickens or Eric Bieniemy years. You’ve “stuck through” the only postseason game that your team has had in about a million years. Consider yourself fortunate.

And I just gotta say, Carson Palmer is back from his elbow injury, and everything, and he looks good…he’s throwing good from camp. Cedric Benson looks great and all their entire offense looks amazing.

Well then, let’s just crown the Bengals the AFC North champs! Carson Palmer is tearing it up against…the other Bengals! Ced Benson is running well against…the Bengals D! GREATEST SHOW ON TURF VOL. 14! LOLROFLMAOWTFZOMG!!!1!!!!!!1!!!ONE!!!!1!!ELEVEN!!!

And I just got something to say…STEELERS SUCK!

Cincy’s win total since the start of the 2005 season, their best in the previous 17 years…30-33-1 . Pittsburgh’s…41-23. And that includes a number of postseason wins not counted and 2 SB rings.

I just absolutely hate the Steelers…

Well, then that’s different than them sucking. Because everything ever points otherwise.

All that cockiness…


If you ask me, all that cockiness originated from the Miami Florida Hurricanes and…the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cos they’re all cocky…they’re the same criminal kinda guys, and you know..

No, I don’t know. I do know that the Bengals have a history of criminals. And multiple arrests. And wouldn’t cockiness be a talented WR who has done nothing of significance to help his team win, all while proclaiming his greatness and wearing a Future HOFer jacket? And your argument weakens by calling the Miami Hurricanes the Miami Florida Hurricanes. Weak.


You already said that. And it was wrong the first time.


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