This Miniature Horse Will Help The Penguins Win Tonight

So yeah, Game 7 is mere hours away, and I purposefully haven’t written anything substantial because, frankly, I’m anxious. My mind is on the Pens at this time, not writing.

Last night, my buddy Terry hit me up via Facebook. He asked:

“Psamp: Tell us we can win this game! Is there something the ponies can do?”

So naturally, I had to think back through all the mini horse pictures I’ve ever posted, because there had to be one that somehow involved the Penguins. I mean, I’ve been running this thing for well over 2 years…there had to be something.

Turns out there was. Way back in September of 2007, I invited a bunch of bloggers to write something for PSAMP’s 6 month anniversary. It was purposefully over-the-top, because who really cares that a blog has been around for 6 months? Anyway, everyone was to send in a post with a topic of their choosing, and they were to send in a Mini Pony of the Day picture as well.

The good guys at The Pensblog wrote a nice piece about what blogging means to them, and Photoshopped a mini pony picture specifically for this endeavor. It features the old-school Pensblog penguin riding a mini pony. And I’m re-publishing it now to get any kind of good vibe going before this potentially-epic Game 7 starts.

That’s for Terry, and all the other anxious Pens fans out there. I was asked to see if I could get the mini horses to do anything for the Pens, and in turn, I do as much as I can.

This is probably the only known picture on the Internet connecting the Pittsburgh Penguins (tangentially) to miniature horses, so that has to be some sort of good mojo for the team tonight. Here at PSAMP, we care.

Go Pens!

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