This Sucked And Then Ruled

We’re getting closer to the release of my bud Christmas Ape‘s book, The Football Fan’s Manifesto. He did a live chat over at Deadspin for it earlier today.

Last month, we watched the hilarious promo video that had faux-fans getting smashed in the face with said book. Along with the promo, Ape held a reader contest/poll, with the end result being a piece of Steelers merchandise going up in flames. KSK readers constantly hate on Ape’s Steelers-homerisms, so it was only appropriate to appease the dogs and drum up interest in the book.

The piece of Steelers gear to get the fire treatment ended up being a Terrible Towel. That sucks.

However, Ape made sure that the energy created by the burning Towel was used for a more constructive deconstruction. I won’t spoil the surprise…so you’ll have to see what else went into the fire. And you better believe the power of the Towel outlasted that other stupid thing.

Keep the sound down if you’re at work or sitting next to a priest or something, as Ape has a filthy mouth that could probably use a bar of soap or two.

And then go buy the book.

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