Tons Of Penguins Stuff UPDATED

I was planning on writing a bunch here, but I’m a little amped up. I got summer hours at work, so I left that place in the dust around noon. I got to the corner where my apartment is, and two cars hit head on at the intersection (it’s stupidly a four-way that only has a stop sign on one of the roads). An old dude was driving one of ’em, lost consciousness at the collision, and his car aimed right at me. Luckily, it hit the building next to me.

What I’m saying is…be happy you’re alive to see Game 7 coming tonight. We don’t always take full advantage of the days we’re given, but let’s all make a pact to live it up today. Especially, because today is A GREAT DAY FOR HOCKEY!

First up, check out these sweet pictures, courtesy of Robert Ullman, that my bud Phil at Gunaxin all organized into one place. I had Ullman’s stuff on PSAMP quite some time ago (back at blogspot), which was brought to the new place at this link.

Next, check out Damian‘s sweet picture. Love how China Jack and a mini horse made the cut.

And finally, Benson passes along his latest work, which mirrors those sweet Canon Rebel commercials. If you didn’t already have chills, you have ’em now.

Go Pens!

*UPDATE* Can’t believe I forgot the latest Yinz Luv Da Guins. Sorry, Jim!

Go Pens! Again!

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