Tony The Tiger Is Bringing The Stanley Cup Back To Pittsburgh

Via JanePitt of the once-great Burgh Blog, from someone named burckart on Twitter and Twitpic.

I totally think I had this commemorative box.

If you want a celebrity endorsing your hockey team going into the Eastern Conference Finals, it had better be someone as badass as Tony the Tiger.Or at the very least, Chester Cheetah or Dig ‘Em the Sugar Smacks Frog. Those are all worthy celebrity endorsers. Because we’re tired of the Staal vs. Staal or Bill Cowher-allegiance storylines already.

Still trying to decide if this is as cool/scary as my back-to-back Cups Coke can or the commemorative Hagen ice cream bucket.

And should we hoist the Cup this year, all props go directly to Tony the Tiger. So adjust your schedules accordingly.

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