Totally Sick Penguins Playoff Video

Cheers to my buddy Benson for sending this along.

Normally, Benson’s videos are downright comical, spoofing the Coors Light mock NFL press conferences or the Bud Light “Drinkability” ads. Not so with this latest video, It’s just downright epic, and should totally get you into the NHL playoffs mindset (not like you weren’t already).

When he sent over the video, Benson had this to say (sic’d):

“i just finished an epic penguins playoff tribute and wanted to send it ur way.”

My reponse was something along the lines of “Epic doesn’t do it justice.” Right away, I got chills and started to sweat. You would, too, if you were in the middle of an insanely long break between playoff games and just saw a sick Penguins video. Oh wait…you’re waiting for the next game, too.

Anyway, peep this video, because it’s probably the only thing you need to watch before tonight’s Game 2 against the Canes. Really gets you fired up for the rest of the playoffs.


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