Touché, Bob Frantz

The Steelers play the Browns this week, in case you forgot. This game used to have some significance back…well, it’s hard to even remember when this game mattered. The Browns have sucked for so long, and the Steelers have taken 17 or the last 18 against their “rival.” Romeo Crennel never beat the Steelers during his tenure as Browns coach, and Braylon Edwards just skipped town without ever beating the team as well.

So I hopped on Youtube to see if any Browns fans would even think of blinding themselves to the truth, while predicting a Cleveland victory in Pittsburgh this Sunday. One of the first ones I found was from Bob Frantz, a radio personality at WTAM in Cleveland. He does the pregame for the city’s sports teams, so I was anxious to see what he had to say.

The video is titled “Bob Frantz Trash Talks Pittsburgh,” so I immediately worked myself into a lather. I started coming up with ways I could destroy any argument made by Cleveland homers…the current win streak, 17 of 18, Super Bowl rings, the Browns’ record, Frantz’ conservative leanings, etc., etc., etc.

But then I watched the video, and Frantz is more or less accepting that Cleveland is bringing nothing to this rivalry in its current format. The “trash talk” was all a vehicle to highlight that Cleveland’s woes go way beyond football. While Pittsburgh is hoisting trophies and hosting international delegates, Cleveland is indicting county officials and welcoming the Gay Games.

As much as I hate the Browns and the city of Cleveland, I have to tip my cap to Frantz. My only plea is that you somehow turn your football team’s fortunes around (not against the Steelers, though) so that my hate actually has some merit. Because as of now, it’s like I’m picking on the little snot-nosed neighborhood kid that can’t fight back even if he tried.

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