Troy Polamalu’s Coke Zero Commercial Is Better With Legos

Remaking a classic is tricky. If you’re not 100% true to the original, then you’ll have purists on your back for destroying the integrity of the predecessor. We saw this with the iconic Mean Joe Greene/Coca-Cola commercial, when Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins lumbered through a rip-off of the spot with little success.

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu also remade the ad for Coke Zero during the Super Bowl. Since the parent company was the same, and Troy was a leader on a ferocious Steelers defense, the remake was more than acceptable. The video is below for your reference.

Now, some entrepreneurial fellow decided that since the Steelers won the Super Bowl with Troy’s ad playing, then the newer ad is ripe for a remake. WITH LEGOS. I LOVE LEGOS!

Compare the original Troy ad with the Lego version up top. My favorite part might be when Lego Troy “jumps” with the assistance of what appears to be a clear plastic straw.

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