Tyrone Carter = AFC Defensive Player of the Week

With New Years and all, this got lost in the shuffle. Tyrone Carter was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts in the Steelers’ Week 17 win over the Gowns. He nabbed his first two interceptions of the year, returning the second one for a touchdown. Pretty solid for the guy called off the bench to replace the hurt Ryan Clark.

When Clark went down with the injury against Tennessee, did you envision Carter getting MSPainted this week? Don’t lie.

Now, Aaron Smith was tough, but I still think I found the one picture on the Internet of Smith with a female fan. In a kitchen.

LaMarr Woodley I can kinda understand, since he’s still only in his second year. But not one picture on the World Wide Web? Weak. (That link has the greatest MSPaint of all time)

So I had to think about giving Carter the MSPaint treatment this week. I know he’s been a backup for the majority of his 9 years in the league, but you’d at least think his Super Bowl XL ring could provide at least ONE picture with a member of the opposite sex. You’d be wrong.

So for a PSaMP first, Carter gets the business with a dude on either side of him.

Congrats on the first-time honor Tyrone (and dudes).

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