Um, Maybe Obnoxious Steelers Fans Make Too Much Of An Impression On Babies

We’ve discussed the fanaticism of Pittsburgh fans at great length here at PSAMP. Since I’m a fellow crazed fan, I can’t justify passing judgment on others.

However, you know it’s getting to be a little much when babies are showing you just how ridiculous you look when you watch a football game. Take, for example, the above video of a toddler (infant? tyke? rugrat?) mimicking his father’s Steelers gameday emotions. And now is about the time that I’m glad that I don’t have a kid.

So the father screams into his hat when the Steelers play…big deal. Well if the father is anything like me or any other typical Steelers fan, then there’s more expressions and emotions that the kid has yet to pick up on. And it’s probably in the best interest of the kid to stay ignorant to these more vulgar outbursts until he’s just a bit older.

I know that when things aren’t going so well with the team, I’m throwing my Terrible Towel at the television, yelling obscenities like some hard of hearing person really wants to hear them and just flat-out getting annoyed at any insignificant thing.

But maybe the father of this baby learned moderation when he had the kid. I should try to borrow this kid next season to attempt to control my anger.

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