[Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show. Game 6

After the schedule we had last season, did you think you’d ever see the Lions and Browns in successive weeks? This is totally what the doctor ordered after starting the year 1-2. Now, all we need is a win against the Browns and the stress levels surrounding the fanbase will go down.

Me and Cotter come at you again to talk Steelers, Browns, Twitter, Troy Polamalu and Aaron Smith’s injuries, the RB conundrum and some nonsense about a dog and cat that decided to act up when we shot the first take. We aren’t professionals, and do this thing in like a take or two, so get over yourself if you’re gonna criticize. Youtube threw the vocal track off just a little bit, and there’s a missing bracket on the title screen. We know…shut up.

Thanks to Penshead for the video work, dj maticulous for the music and Kristin for putting up with our racket.

Go Steelers.

And watch it again over at OFTOT.

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