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If you’re like me, you lost your mind when LaMarr Woodley returned the Favre fumble for a TD. Scarily, it was 77 yards, as I alluded to something similar in last week’s MMCNY(last line). But then you got all mad and quiet when Percy Harvin took the ensuing kickoff to the house. Sure, I swore a few times, but caught my composure, since we were still winning 20-17. Brett tried to take his team down the field one last time, only to be met by Keyaron Fox, who murdered a long INT-return TD. There will be more on this later in the day.

27-17 Steelers. That’s a 4-game win streak to push the record to 5-2 going into the bye. Ive said it a million times, but remember when you were losing your mind when we were 1-2?

It was an odd game. Our offense struggled to sustain drives, but made few crushing mistakes. So let’s look closer.

Sasso the Giant. It’s hard to follow up a 417 yard performance. Ben went for only 175 and a TD in this one, and was doubled up in most categories by Favre. Granted, Favre had double the yards because he had double the completions and attempts, but whatever. Ben got lucky that a few errant passes weren’t picked. However, that was the difference. Favre made mistakes, Ben didn’t. I’ll take that any day of the week. 3.5 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

RBs. Weird game. Rashard rushed well when he attacked the right side, where Antoine Winfield was noticeably absent. But then he had that awkward dive and fumble at the 3 yardline or so. Willie wasn’t even used, and Mewelde came in for some meh carries late. The best part was Mike Wallace’s two end-arounds. 3 of 5 motorcycle helmets, only because I can’t really make anything of the collective performance.

Defense. Where are the haters now? For weeks, everyone’s been ragging on this defensive unit. A lot of fans have been spoiled by last year’s defense, as if keeping the same pace that the 08-09 team did was common. Despite having a top-5 defense going into the game, there were still fans asking what was wrong with the squad…like other teams aren’t capable of putting up yards or points. Yesterday was a statement for them…quit whining and support the defense through thick and thin. And yesterday was pretty thick. After beginning the year with no way of shutting teams down late, this D picked off Favre and caused him to fumble in the 4th Quarter, both of which went for Steelers touchdowns. That’s all I have to say. 4 of 5 helmets.

That’s enough. You know what else happened. Jeff Reed was a jerk on that botched tackle attempt, Hines only caught one pass, and the only receiver who caught more than 3 passes (Wallace) was Heath (6).

Bye week coming up, so take the time to rest like the team will. Potentially-undefeated Broncos on Monday Night in what will feel like 2 months.

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