So my parent network, Bloguin, is having an awards contest for the 1-year anniversary of the network. When I first joined back in February, I said that I wanted to keep PSAMP as true as possible throughout the switch.

And it still holds true. I’d like to think the site has been relatively normal throughout the adjustment from Blogspot to Bloguin, so I hope you haven’t totally hated the concept.

Well Bloguin turned 1 a few days ago, and to commemorate, the network has a few awards to give out. I’ve been nominated for Funniest Blog, Best General Sports Blog and Blog of the Year. The nominations were more than anything I needed and expected. But if you feel like you’d wanna vote and secure at least one award for PSAMP, go here, and do your best. Make sure you also vote for my buds The Pensblog and WHYGAVS for their respective categories.

Pretty nuts that when I joined, I mentioned that, “As of my writing this, we have Pittsburgh representing a high percentage of the blogs at the network,” and now those three Pittsburgh blogs are all up for blog of the year on the network.

Viva Bloguin. Thanks for any help, folks! Polls are open until midnight tonight.

Vote and represent Pittsburgh.

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