We All Luv Da Guins

Jim finished his last Yinz Luv Da Guins episode of the season, fittingly with Cup in hand. If anyone deserves seeing the team win the Cup, it’s the guy who has done episodes after EVERY Penguins playoff game this year. Sweet vindication for the tough losses.

And I’m pumped that he started the video with a bit of my interview. Since I’m the designated “Let’s Go Pens” chant leader, Jim wanted to know if I had warmed up before the game. My comments are literally the very beginning of the video. And you can see me in action during the montage at the end. The rule at Foley’s is that no one is allowed to stand on chairs except for me. Because I rule.

Also, it was great to hang out with a few blogging peeps at Foley’s. From left to right is Cotter (in the camo), Christmas Ape from KSK and DC Steeler Nation and me. When you’re watching the montage at the end, check out our worried faces as the third period was winding down.

Go Pens!

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