We Need Natalin Avci To Be A Steelers Fan



Turkish actress/model/hottie Natalin Avci had gotten plenty of facetime lately due to her photoshoot with Ron Artest and appearance in the new film, Couples Retreat. On her Twitter feed (of course I follow her) during the football games yesterday, she talked about just getting into the sport:


And when asked who her favorite teams were:


That’s right. The Steelers, Bengals and Ravens.

Since she’s a new fan, we’ll have to get Ms. Avci on board with only one team…the Steelers. First, as a football fan, you cannot have multiple favorite teams in one division, let alone 3 in a 4-team group. It’s one, and only one. Now, you can pick either the defending-champion Steelers, with one of the richest histories in the league, or decide between two piles of crap.

Those two piles of crap are the arrest-record, perennial loser Bengals, who just happen to look like Tony the Tiger (that criminal), and the team-stealing Baltimore Ravens, who just happen to enjoy purple camouflage and male cheerleaders. The only crushing disappointment for the Steelers near the levels sustained by the Ravens and Bengals would be Steely McBeam, and he’s only there for the kids.

So Natalin, Steelers fans everywhere would be happy to have you as a fan. You’ll learn to hate the other two sooner or later.

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