Welcome To The All-New PSAMP!

This post ushers in a new era at PSAMP. I’ve thrown the old blogspot b.s. out with the trash (not really, the page still exists as a tribute) and upgraded the look. Figured I’d do a little intro.

I’ve been in contact with Derek at Bloguin since before Christmas, and it was a difficult decision to make the leap. I love the simplicity of the old digs, but I’d been looking for an updated design and software for some time. I had offers to join startup networks in the past, but none had the same good vibes as Bloguin. Plus, I have allies like my buds at The Pensblog and WHYGAVS?. As of my writing this, we have Pittsburgh representing a high percentage of the blogs at the network.

I’m a pretty simple guy, so I tried to make the new site as similar to the original as possible. The only main change is the new software/design and the inclusion of ads. Make fun of me for “selling out,” and please insult any advertisement that should pop up. I”LL HAVE MY OWN “FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONG,” “THIS IS OUR COUNTRY,” SAVED BY ZERO” repetitious ads for you to hate. I’d rather you do.

Leave comments to let me know you made the journey from the land of the blogspot unscathed. And understand that we’re making this jump together. PSAMP has always been about the readers and sports fans, and I trust you’ll land over here safely. We’re kinda like the baby ducks in this clip, learning to fly together:


Ahh, thanks BBC’s Planet Earth. You summed it up perfectly.

So yeah, check out the new ride! And let me know what you think. I’ll see you in a bit…I’m taking this baby out to go cruise for hot chicks.


**special thanks to Dug E. Fresh (and his shop) for the MOVING Photoshop**

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