We’ll Miss You, Rob Scuderi *UPDATE*

Rob Scuderi’s day with the Cup is just about a few minutes ago today on Long Island. Bellmore, to be exact, at the Newbridge Arena. Scuds grew up in nearby Syosset.

My friend Allison is/was there, and sent in these first-hand pics. Take a good look, because Rob is pretty much LA-bound as soon as he passes the Cup to the next guy. I’ll cherish these last few moments of “The Piece” as a Cup-winning member of the Pens like it’s my job.

There may be more/better pics later, I’m not sure. Allison could’ve been lying to me for all I know. If there’s anything else, I’ll update this post.

Go Pens!

*UPDATE* Here’s a few more pics. Love Scuds’ face in the second one.

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