MJD does the Lord’s work, and had this posted on Friday. I was too busy bowing to my own greatness and ridiculing Mike Tomlin to squeeze this in. But now seems about right.

This guy is apparently a Steelers mascot from the 1995 Pro Bowl. We all shat on Steely McBeam when he was introduced in the offseason of ’07, but little did we know that the Steelers were all about mascots back in ’95! And I’m not talking about The Terrible Fan or Stevie Steeler. From MJD:

This appears to be Steely McBeam’s long lost cousin, Aluminum McSoiledHisPants. Why he looks so afraid, I have no idea. The Steelers are named after local steel workers, not local people made of low-grade, easily-frightened tin.

Right? I never thought I’d laud Steely over any other mascot, but at least McBeam has a damn scowl. This Tin Man-looking fool appears to have dookied in his pants while trying to pump up the Steelers faithful. Total fail.

However, Steely said he’d be interested in “teaching” this joke his secrets. And by teaching, I mean he probably wants to date him.

Black and Golddust is not amused.

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