Why Is Rip Taylor Swearing And Trying To Be Jeff Reed?


Videos are a shifty deal for sportsbloggers. Most of the vids out there in Youtubeland are straight dirt, and not nearly as funny as the uploader thinks. As a Pittsburgh sportsblogger, I like to focus on the fans as the fourth (of 4!) main aspects of the local teams (team/staff, players, media, fans). You can’t get an accurate view of the teams if you choose to ignore any of these avenues.

So Youtubes are important to the product I put out. Usually, I try and find stuff that is unique enough, and not just any crap on film.

This video sorta straddles a fine line. It portrays Jeff Reed’s recent brush with the law at a Sheetz, but it’s also incredibly cliche. I mean, the idea of it is great, but you can’t just put on a blonde wig and fake facial hair and expect to be Jeff Reed by letting out a few loud F-bombs. And it doesn’t help when your get-up makes you look more like Rip Taylor. Or Von Kaiser.

Maybe some confetti would’ve helped the production value? Or at least get a Shmuffin involved.

People should pay me for my ideas. And I haven’t even suggested the Jeff Reed manscaping or senseless drinking, yet!

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