If you hadn’t heard, Midgets vs. Mascots is a new movie that’s set to come out soon, featuring Gary Coleman, Ron Jeremy, Scottie Pippen and a group of, well, midgets and mascots. Here’s the premise:

“In this “Borat” meets “Jackass” shockumentary, 5 little people and 5 mascots battle for $1 million apiece in competitions like “how few insults does it take to get punched in a bar”, and “alligator wrestling”. Gary Coleman, leading the littles as himself, is a comedic freight train (or train wreck) as he gets into actual fist fights with mascots, coaches and even Scottie Pippen. Like “Borat”, much of the film is shot “guerilla improv” as they surprise unsuspecting bystanders when the teams crash restaurants, bars and neighborhoods during outrageous competitions.”

In honor of the film being shown at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, my good buds at Gunaxin are hosting a pre-screening party, complete with Scottie Pippen himself. And I have two free tickets to give away. For those of you in the New York City area, or those willing to travel to NYC on April 26th should you win, here’s what you have to do:

– Email me at with a picture of a mini pony, preferably one I’ve never used, with your own potential MPotD writeup. In my own Mini Ponies of the Day, I try to make you laugh, so be funny.

– That’s it.

Winner will be chosen at random, and will have their pony picture and writeup featured next week. In addition to that great honor, you’ll receive two (2) free tickets to the screening and party. Right now, the party is sold out, so these are pretty exclusive.

I’ll be there, as well as some of my good blogging buddies and Scottie Pippen. You’ll also watch a potentially hilarious movie before anyone else.

I’ll take submissions until Saturday night. So get moving.

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