Yep, Casey Hampton Is Getting Naked, Too

On the heels of yesterday’s stunning announcement that Penguins F Bill Guerin will be losing his clothes for ESPN the Magazine, a larger list has come out, featuring a certain rotund Steelers nose tackle. Thanks to the Freak Show for the updated list.

When the players from each sport were originally listed, Adrian Peterson was the only NFL name. Casey Hampton will be joining him (not in the same picture, I’d assume) and Torry Holt to represent tackle football. With no clothes. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept.

We’ve already seen Casey without a shirt, both at the XLIII victory parade, and in some drunk pictures at a bar somewhere. I don’t need to link ’em or post ’em here, just Google his name and you’ll find them.

Somewhere, Andrew McCutchen is cursing the fact that he plays on such a horrible team. No one wants to see a naked Pirate, too?

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