Yep, There Are Penguins Tobacco Pipes, Too

Remember back in August when we scoped some pretty neat-looking Steelers tobacco pipes? Turns out that wasn’t the only Pittsburgh sports team to be featured on a smoking apparatus.

Here’s a link to the same place, but now there’s Penguins tobacco pipes as well. I guess there’s gotta be some correlation between winning a championship and getting featured on a blown-glass pipe? Kinda like the City of Champions cereal, only more tobacco-y.

I’d have to believe that this Pens one, as well as the Steelers one, are unlicensed…why would either team associate themselves with a smoking apparatus? I guess we could’ve put this in with our look at Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch, but they were too cool/unique to tear apart.

The Pirates tried to get some vendor to make a pipe commemorating their team, but the laughter overwhelmed the desire to create such an abomination.

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