Yinz Luv Da Finals!

Man, my buddy Jim just one-ups himself with each successive episode of Yinz Luv Da Guins. I called him crazy when, at the beginning of the postseason, he promised to make a new show after EVERY playoff game. There’s some serious determination in that one.

So the newest episode is, of course, one of the best yet. The show was done and published before Detroit clinched their Finals berth, but Jim had a feeling about the potential matchup, per se. At the end of the show, he put together an absolutely unreal montage of last season’s Finals heartbreak and the trials and tribulations of the 08-09 season. And he perfectly set it to Muse’s “Invincible.”

I just got chills 4 times while typing that. And then another 2 times when I re-read. No joke.

The recap of the clincher against the Canes is nice and all, but stay for the montage at the end. REALLY makes you wanna see redemption for the Pens this season. I’m all about this Finals series being about 2009, and not what happened in 2008, but you’d be foolish to say that the agony of losing to this same team last year doesn’t play a minor role in how you view the upcoming series.

I luv da Guins. Yinz luv da Guins.

Go Pens!

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