Youtube Thinks Rashard Mendenhall Needs To Do Something This Season

2009-10 better be a good season for Rashard Mendenhall. For the sole purpose of sticking it to Youtube.

When you start a search query on Youtube, a list of related or common searches pops up under what you’re typing. The screenshot above shows the common phrases associated with Rashard Mendenhall when you check if there’s anything about him on the popular video site.

The very FIRST associated query is Rashard Mendenhall Owned.

That doesn’t really say much about Beetlejuice‘s accomplishments in the NFL to this point. In comparison, the first associated query for Ben Roethlisberger is Ben Roethlisberger Highlights. Santonio’s first two are Santonio Holmes Touchdown and Santonio Holmes Highlights. Even Rashard’s fellow 2008 draft underperformer Limas Sweed’s first two results are Limas Sweed Hit, for his crush on Corey Ivy in the AFC Championship Game, and Limas Sweed Highlights.

So now I’m anxious to see if Rashard can do something on the field in 2009-10…so Youtube can stop punking him.

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