Andrew McCutchen Wants That Pepsi Grant Money For Pittsburgh

If I had to choose, I’d go with a cold can of Coke over a can of Pepsi, but Pepsi is still delicious and is giving away $200,000.00 more than Coke in grant money to an MLB city. So screw Coke.

Andrew McCutchen is the Pirates representative, and he outlines the city and team’s plan for an urban garden for Pittsburgh-grown fruits and vegetables to supply to local nonprofits. The Buccos will team with the Student Conservation Association for the garden. And even though only good will come from whatever team wins, that still won’t stop me from trashing the other teams’ ideas. Mentoring? Cancer prevention awareness? Community parks? Psssht. Urban gardens are where it’s at.

Vote here. For the Pirates. Or any team, really. Doing good rules.

Video below:

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