Black And Yellow Remix Features Layzie Bone And A Steelers Reference

Thanks to my sister for the initial tip on this. She knows that I’m a big Layzie Bone fan, and made a passing mention of him having a new song. Turns out it’s a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow. As a Layzie Bone fan from Pittsburgh, this blew my mind on several levels.

Local sports team colors aside, Layzie drops a subtle nod to the Steelers in the song:

They thinkin’ I come from Pittsburgh, a Steeler and then I’m scorin’.”

Awesome. Bone Thugs is my favorite rap group of all time, even though I typically hate Cleveland stuff. They’re easily the best thing to come out of Cleveland. Having Layzie hop on a remix and slip Steelers references in his verse just clinches everything for me.

Song below:

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