Cash 4 [Black And] Gold?


In this video, Allegheny County Controller Mark Patrick Flaherty warns against scams like Cash4Gold. Since the price of gold has gone up significantly in recent years, a lot of people are just offing their precious metal to scummy places like Cash4Gold, even though there’s no guarantee that they’re doing legit business. Flaherty mentions that prospective gold sellers should stick to local places that have scales that have been inspected by Allegheny County’s Division of Weights and Measures

To really drive home the “Gold” part of the equation, there just so happens to be a strategically placed Steelers jersey and 2 Steelers helmets in plain view. Cos if Pittsburghers listen to one thing, it’s anything to do with the local sports teams. It’s like hypnosis. We just use sports as a…

…*/collects all gold within 10 foot radius to sell*

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