Chad Johnson Really Hates The Steelers

His last name is Johnson. Fools.

Chad answered some questions or something for XBOX for some reason. Don’t you love how I know ALL the details? Some dude ended up asking him if he’d ever consider playing for the Steelers if given the opportunity. Chad’s response:

I think not. I think not. That would just be…that’s like…that’s like…dating the devil or something. It’s just something you just don’t do.”

Oh really? The devil? Well then go ahead and stick to dressing up like Tony the Tiger every Sunday, man. And if we’re the devil, then we’re obviously one of the cool devils. Like the Boondocks devil:


Or Futurama’s Robot Devil:

Or Metalocalypse’s blues devil:


Yeah Chad, turns out that the Steelers are just totally awesome devils, and you’re missing out big time. We’ll feed on your tears when you finish your career ringless.

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