Check Out How This Dog Watches Steelers Games

By now I’d like to imagine that if you’re visiting PSAMP regularly, you’re the type of person who likes to laugh at some random stuff even if that stuff only has a minor relation to Pittsburgh sports. Cos that’s at least 60% of the content here.

Let’s try and bump that blatantly fabricated number up to a healthier 61%.

Here’s a video of a dog watching the Steelers-Broncos preseason game. You can’t really tell it’s the Steelers game unless you turn the volume up really loud to hear Joe Buck faintly announcing in the background. The dog is just chillin’ there, sitting like a human. I’m still trying to figure out why there’s no Primanti’s sandwich and Iron City bottle in the dog’s hands paws.

Plus the dog’s name it Barklee, and that is awesome enough to deserve its own post here.

Go Steelers

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