I spent this past Thursday through Sunday back in PA, and got to watch the Steelers practice at both St. Vincent and Latrobe High School. The practices at the college make up most of camp, and the scrimmage at the high school is the once-a-camp treat where Bill Hillgrove’s voice echoes through the stadium on a Friday night while the professionals ride into a high school setting in school buses. If you’ve never been, you should change that in coming years.

After the yellow buses parked, the team came out for an autograph session before gathering to stretch as a group. Which is obviously perfect time for NT Chris Hoke to perform a solid Irish Jig, finishing the dance with a well-executed falcon kick. I expressed my joy at it while I was live-tweeting the scrimmage. Mad props to Sn0w13allz, who found us at practice on Thursday and we ran into at Primanti’s on Saturday, for grabbing the video of it. I thought it was lost forever and only committed to memory. But no…it’s still here and looks just as beautiful.

Still not sure if Hoke has a better falcon kick than this cat, though.

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