Let’s All Jump…To Conclusions…About Dennis Dixon


(I ripped this straight from the fantastic Steelers Lounge, because they’ve become one of my favorite Steelers blogs in their short history, and because I’m a pirate. Full-sized image here.)

As a staunch Dennis Dixon supporter, in relation to his battle with Byron Leftwich for the starter’s job, I gotta love listening to the haters who try and crap on his very existence. He’s gotten his share of criticism from the fans and media members, and even Jerome Bettis voiced his concerns over Dixon’s inexperience.

Steelers Lounge is correct in this:

We don’t have a lot to evaluate when looking at the play of Dennis Dixon. He has, after all, appeared in just three NFL games, starting only two. The only things we can definitively say at this point: 1) He’s not Ben Roethlisberger and 2) Every game he’s started has gone to overtime.

Beyond that? We’re just jumping to conclusions.”

So just chill out, everyone. Your opinion that Dennis isn’t fit to lead the team is no more right or wrong than my hopes for his success.

All we really know is Dennis is now THE topic that everyone is willing to debate, finally surpassing the will-they-or-won’t-they-protect-the-quarterback O-Line. Cos luckily Dennis has wheels, or else he’d end up like this guy:


Go Steelers.

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